How to create a website for my business

creating a website can be broken down into few basic steps. but before you do you need to understand a few terms that are used in this field.

Domain – the shop name

well if you open up a shop you need to give it a name so that people can refer to and get back to it. a name should be short, catchy and always should be simple to remember with no special characters taht could lead to another place. so in order to open up shop on the internet you must purchase a name. this name is referred to as the domain of you site. You could purchase a domain from your countries domain registrar – for Sri Lankan users it is and domain registrars like go daddy. Once purchased you will have to renew this name annually.

Hosting – the shop space

just like you want a place to keep the stuff you sell, so that the customer can walk in and buy them, you need a space from a 24/7 on web server so that you can keep your web sites files available to your customers. These servers run 24 hours around the year & have backup systems in case the server fails. so it is always a good practice to get your web hosting space from a reliable hosting provider. Hosting space also need annual renewal.

How much hosting space do i need?

Well for starters a 500MB SSD disk space or a 1GB SSD space is more than enough. this means your going to run a small website that will not get updated daily but have a set of pages describing your company, few images etc.

A blog or a website that gets updated with new products/ new articles daily or weekly will need a bigger space. The best thing about hosting is you can expand it and change packages as your site grows.

What is Cpanel?

Well, if you have familiarized your self with the above tech jargon explained in simple English, this will be the back-end access for your web hosting. only you can see the actual files of your website, and access the server space. this is somewhat like the backdoor to your shop, only you have the keys to enter this area where you keep your stocks and manage them. Customers are only able to browse what is allowed on the shopping area. so it is always a better practice to keep your passwords/ keys safe.

What is bandwidth?

Well it is like the roadway that connects your shop to the community, where customers can visit your shop and buy goods or services. on web servers these connections means a stress on the system and also a load for the internet (the network of all networks). so the web hosting companies give you a quota/ an amount of Megabytes that can be utilized by the internet traffic to visit your online website. normally 5GB per month is more than enough for a company website given that it does not have self hosted video files or big image content. but if your planning to get a site that is active and always full of users, like an online shop aka e commerce website you will need something like a 25GB per month bandwidth.


so that is all you need to know as the basics, well we can build a nice website and take out all the fuzz for you, get in touch with us on our contact page and we will get back to you withing a day!

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    This is the best simple explanation I have read about web concept. thank you

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