How to manage my business facebook page

So your running your own business, you have enough customers & the sales are good. you heard about Facebook and how online sales are the next big thing. You want to expand your business online, but you don’t have the expertise nor the time to spend online and boost your business!

we can setup a facebook page for your business, or take control of the one you created and start managing it for you. our prices are competitive and if you are willing to give us a chance, after a month on normal rates you could sign up for services for more than 3 months which will offer discounted flat rates.

Take pictures of your products, send them to us, we retouch & post them on behalf of you and even boost them according to your requirement to specific targeted audience to make a win win situation for you and us at the end of the day!

A Happy Customer is a Good Customer to us!

well, we can help you achieve just that! we are a Small team of Designers / online experts based in sri lanka and take things to the next level. Now you might ask, this should be costly? well get in touch with us and talk to us on your requirement! we as small team working from our own space have no big expenses but just the cost that covers our man hours spent on behalf of you on your business!

No, we don’t sit at home and stare at the computer screen all day long. instead we go out and enjoy our lives and enjoy working and has made it our hobby.

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    Thank you for your information. have sent you an email. awaiting a reply

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